Organising Team

Core Team: Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum

BYNF (Indian Youth Leadership) has Core Team comprising of  Organising Team and Board of Mentors. In addition, to core team we have, we have College Chapters, Professional Cells and City a& State level Councils. We aim to connect youth for better society with  mission to empowering youth to contribute for welfare of nation. We work with students, working professionals and self-employed across India. We firmly believe that wiser youth can lead to developed self and stronger nation.

Ravindra Vikram Singh, Founder & Interim PresidentM.B.A., PGDFM, B.Com.(Hons.)

Ravindra Vikram loves to work on various social issues, start up on new ideas and unplanned travels. He spends his free time reading, traveling or writing . Holding a degree in management from Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, and B. Com. (hons.) from University of Delhi, among others, he has five years corporate experience, but that does not keep him from India, grassroot work, youth or social issues. Ravindra has passion for working on rural-urban divide, education, environment, policy advocacy, and entrepreneurship.  The foundation of BYNF is rooted in his belief that a socially conscious home grown youth network can transform our culture constructively. Through BYNF, Ravindra aims to kindle that consciousness among youth and drive them to lead constructive social initiatives that have a tangible positive impact.

Tushar Singh Rawat, Co-founder, B.Com.

Tushar is a student of Economics and is actively involved in social and environmental causes. He is one of the most actively involved members of BYNF who contributes substantially to team building. A die hard cricket fan, Tushar has been a KVS Cricket National player. He is a multi talented asset at BYNF who is as adept at handling a guitar as a cricket bat. At this young age, his efforts are directed at motivating people to contribute towards society in whatever way possible. In his free time, he likes to get hold of his guitar and croon for an audience.

Rohan Verma, B. Tech.

Rohan is a technocommercial mechanical engineer, who wants to do something more for the society, environment and country. Believes that it is the moral responsibility of every person to give back as much as he/she takes from Nature. Want to help in such a way that it benefits the masses. A dreamer, Avid Learner, Motivated Enthusiast and a Strong Believer in “Karma”. In his free time, he likes to play Table Tennis or read .

Sanjana Kaushik, Easy Classes Head

Sanjana is a graduate from Gargi College, Delhi University. She has been an active member of NSS Gargi College and in the past has worked in a start -up as Sales & Marketing Associate. Inherently an optimistic and happy person, Sanjana is a cheerful should to be around. She enjoys meeting new people and finding solutions to their problems. She has a passion for social work, especially for counseling and educating children.

 Pulkit Garg ,Convenor, B.Tech.

A poet by heart, and an entrepreneur by profession, Pulkit is successfully running two startups of his own, The Aanya and Edgy Scribbles. Though he has seen his fair bit of failure in life in the form of his earlier start up ventures, Pulkit symbolises the fighting spirit of young India, confident in its capabilities. He loves marketing and believes that it is important to become a nice human being before anything else.

Varun Singh , Convenor, L.L.B.

Varun is a young lawyer, who shares the ideals and beliefs on which BYNF was founded. Having graduated from one of the elite National Law Schools of the country, he realizes the role and power of law as a tool for social change. He is a firm believer in the principle that citizens must be as zealous about their fundamental duties as they are about their fundamental rights. In the past, he has taken up leadership roles in the Student Body of his University and has worked on social issues like rights of under-trial prisoners etc. An avid sportsman, he likes to sweat it out on the football field or gym.

Navendra Vikram Singh, Co-founder

Navendra is a student of science and passionate about social work. He is one of the earliest members of in the BYNF team and has seen it take form over the years. He looks after day to day operations of the Forum and drives new events and activities. He takes pride in his association with BYNF and contributing to it.



Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum

Indian Youth Leadership Forum, BYNF, is a campaign & program to connect Indian youth to develop leadership and social concern for sustainable development of individuals as well as society. It is a youth leadership program with emphasis on developing social consciousness and participated in the process of giving back to the society and nation. To join youth network for social work and personality development – Click Here. Youth actively involved in affiliate social organizations also have chance to earn yearly certification –   Bronze, Silver and Gold Leadership Certification from iCFDR.