Terms and Conditions

All the associates of BYNF, need to agree to the following conditions in order to become part of the organizations. Please read them carefully: (they are mentioned in Joining Form, to check please click.)

1) All information are true and to best of my knowledge.

2) I firmly believe in gender and human equality, I firmly believe in common & same treatment for all citizens.

3) I don’t have any criminal background or any criminal FIR/Case. BYNF (Indian Youth Leadership Forum) will not be responsible for any illegal/wrong/immoral act or omission done by me.

4) I understand, BYNF (Indian Youth Leadership Forum), youth leadership initiative by iCFDR & Founder President. I would promote social activities with iCFDR and affiliate organizations, and I read about the campaign and organisation.

5) My association is limited to social work and constructive activities of campaign and BYNF would not be responsible for my personal bad behaviour or any act.

6) BYNF may terminate/cancel/suspend the membership without any (intimation/information/reason) and, any kind of misbehaviour or misconduct would result in auto-termination of membership. I cannot misuse BYNF material or platform for any anti-social or anti national activity.

8) I understand BYNF is neither a political organization nor a union; it is a youth forum for empowerment and development of youth and India. I would work with BYNF for clean and green nation and promote recycling of waste and conservation of water.

9) I understand confirmation of my membership is upon submitting this document with ID proof, bio-data and receiving confirmation of the same by mail. The roles in BYNF are on voluntary basis, there is no fee for volunteer work.

10) I firmly believe in constitution of India and law of the land.

11) I verify that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed therein. I have read & understood the Terms & Conditions and undertake to comply with them. In case the above submitted information is found incorrect / false, I will be subjected to the Law of the land.



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