BYNF (Indian Youth Leadership Forum) has various levels of responsibilities for associates. Responsibilities conferred are  based on their experience and interest in addition to Locations, Institute and Professions. If you are of the age group of 15-39 years and are interested in working with us, please fill the “Joining Form”. 

We have following units of operation (Team Units):

  • College Cells: There are College Chapters in various academic institutes to work; these groups of students ensure there is good discussion of current issues and also the participation on social activities.

  •  City Chapters and Councils: And our location based Councils, would operate in urban and rural set-up help in identifying the individuals who have good level of motivation to contribute to the society. Our city based Councils work for ensuring all our objectives are fulfilled and increasing number of youth gain from social activities and contribute to society.

  • City Mentors: Mentors, help in guiding whole organization to reach its aims and objectives and work towards its goals. They may act like guardians for our good work. Person above ages of 40 and with experience in the field of social and professional work cans join us Mentors, and guide our members and supporters.

  • City Director: It is an invitation only profile for our patrons.

Each unit may have following Roles apart from volunteers (Team Roles):

  • Conveners: Ensuring meetings, activities and discussions are held on timely basics.

  • Correspondent: Ensuring proper documentation and information sharing with members and organization.

  • Facilitator: Ensuring all the activities and programs of iCFDR are well participated. And ensuring all of the members participate to be active on social media.

  • Secretary: Assisting, overseeing and facilitating all the functions. Also ensure there must be proper feedback.

  • Gender Equality Officer: To ensure we as organization promote gender equality, be preferably a female member.

  • Education Officers: For students with excellent academic and extra-curricular records, who like to share knowledge and will help others grow. (Academic Institutes)

  • Campus Ambassadors and Chapter Coordinators: Will ensure all the chapters under their area of influence are smoothly functioning. Making sure there is no communication and leadership gap. And ensuring all of the members participate actively take part in on-ground activities.

We are also looking for Interns and Professionals to manage our various operations, so in case you want to contribute with specific skills do let us know, and please send details here.

We may also ask for your resumes/bio-data and verify you identity proof, at any point of time, if required.

Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum